ODCS offers General School programs from Pre-Ballet to Grade 5 RAD*, Adult Ballet, Jazz, Hip Hop, Tap, B-Boyz, Acrobatic Dance and Creative/Modern and more.

Central site: ODCS offers General School programs for children and teens from Pre-ballet to graded Vocational Advanced levels, RAD, as well as Contemporay Dance techniques including Broadway (Musical theatre) Jazz. Adult Courses are offered in classical ballet and Contemporary.
Ottawa South/Greenboro site: Children's courses are offered from Pre-school creative, Pre-Ballet to grade 5 level Classical ballet RAD.Tiny Tappers (age 5 to 10 years).
Intensive and Enrichment training programs upon audition and consultation only. (Grades 5 RAD to Advanced RAD) and Contemporary Stream (min. age 14).

ODCS 'Dance in the City'
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Summer classes will take place at

ODCS office is located across from De LaSalle at
500 #3 Old St. Patrick St.


New Fee Schedule for 2018/19
posted on Schedules page or

download/view PDF here

Courses - 2018-19 Academic Season
General School - Children
(age min. as of September 1 , 2018)
* (indicates offered at both De LaSalle and Greenboro/Ottawa South sites)
1. *Pre-school “Melody Movement with Melody Bear” - ages 2 years to 4 years (toilet trained, please)
2. *Pre-Ballet/Pre-Primary -(ages 4-6 years) *
3. *Primary Ballet RAD - 1:(ages 6.5-8 years) - no experience necessary*
4. *Primary Ballet RAD - 2:(ages 6.5 to 8) - with previous training*
5. Ballet RAD Grades 1-5 - De LaSalle
Ballet RAD grades 1-4 - Greenboro
6. Tiny Tappers - (ages 5-10 years) - Greenboro/Ottawa South
7. Jr. Jazz-Elem./Intermediate 1 (ages 9-12 years: some experience helpful) - De LaSalle site
8. Jr. Jazz.-Intermediate/Advanced (ages 11 to 14 years-experienced dancers only) - De LaSalle site
9. Teen Jazz-Elementary (ages 10-14 years) dance experience helpful - Greenboro/Ottawa South
10. Beginners Modern/Creative - ages 10.5 to 14 years -De LaSalle only
11. Pilates for Dancers (ages 11 to 18) - De LaSalle site only

General School - Vocational Levels:
(De LaSalle site ONLY)

1. RAD Ballet -Grades 6 to Grade 8 Award RAD
2. RAD Ballet - Intermediate Foundation to Advanced 2
3. Pointe
4. RAD - ”Discovering Repertoire” levels 2, 3, 4
5. Character
6. Intermediate Modern to Advanced plus choreography
7. Intermediate/Advanced Broadway Jazz
8. Advanced Lyrical
9. Pilates for Dancers

General School - *Teen/Adults
(*min age 15 years - De LaSalle site ONLY)

1.Teen/Adult Tap
2.Teen/Adult Contemporary
3.Teen /Adult Ballet Barre-fit
4. Teen/Adult Beginner/Elementary Ballet
5. Teen /Adult Inter. Previous Training Ballet
6. Teen /Adult Contemporary
7. Hip Hop Teens- & young Adults
- (min.age 13 years)
8. Pilates for Dancers - (ages 11 to 18 years)

NOTE: Students wishing to attempt RAD Performance classes/exams
must register for 2 RAD classes per week (Grades 1-5) and 3 classes per week (Grade 6 to 8 Award, Intermediate Foundation to Intermediate RAD).

From Grade 3 ballet upwards,
2 classes per week is strongly recommended to avoid injury and to retain technical ability. From Grade 4 onwards 2 ballet classes per week is MANDATORY unless student can provide evidence of enrollment in comparable classes elsewhere, to avoid serious injury and to enable the student to follow the class standards.

(Subject to minor changes. Please print this PDF and keep for reference throughout the year)
* = important dates


Saturday, September 8, 2018 - Classes commence at Ottawa Central/Ecole secondiare De LaSalle.
Tuesday, September 11 - Classes commence at Greenboro/Ottawa South.
September - Auditions for Nutcracker - check Alberta Ballet, NAC, & BalletJorgen's website (www.balletjorgen.ca) for details on Nutcracker auditions! *September 18 - Deadline for entry for Fall session for Intermediate Foundation to Advanced II Vocational exams.

- Auditions for National Ballet School. Watch for notices. (check RWB and Quinte sites for theirs)
*Saturday, October 6 - Monday October 8 inclusive (Thanksgiving weekend) - NO CLASSES.

*November 10 - December 13 - R.A.D. Vocational Exams (Intermediate Foundation - Advanced)
November 15 - Second fee payment (30% of total annual fee) due for students taking three or more classes per week. A late fee of $30 will apply after this date. Students with outstanding fees may be dismissed from classes. Accounts must be in good standing in order to participate in the Holiday recital.
November 18 - EXAM ENTRY DEADLINE: For February RAD Graded exams: Primary to Grade 8 Award incl. Intermediate Foundation & Intermediate - **All entries must include examination fee.

Saturday, December 8 to December 18 - Open House 'Open House Weeks' at Greenboro/Ottawa South.
Saturday, December 15 - Mini -Performance & Holiday Bake/Craft Sale at Central Site - Ecole secondiare De LaSalle from 2:00 -4:00pm. NOTE: Timetable will NOT be as usual on this day - specifics TBA.
*December 20 - January 6 inclusive - HOLIDAY BREAK - NO CLASSES Classes resume on January 7 at De LaSalle and January 8 at Greenboro.


(February 4 to June Closing Concert dates)

January 15, 2018 - EXAM ENTRY DEADLINE (Intermediate Foundation - Advanced 2)
For March session: Intermediate Foundation to Advanced II Vocational exams. All entries must include
examination fee.
REMINDER: Advanced 1 & 2 must renew RAD membership.
February 1 - Final payment is due on ALL student accounts, no exceptions. A late fee of $30 will apply
after this date. Students with outstanding fees may be dismissed from classes. Accounts must be fully
paid up in order to participate in any RAD exams (please refer to ‘Policies: Fees’ for more details).
February 18 (Family Day) - All centres will be closed. NO CLASSES

Saturday, February 23 - Sunday, February 24
RAD Grades Exams Primary ‐ Grade 8/Intermediate
Location: Ecole secondaire de LaSalle, Dance department studios
Mark your calendar now!

Sunday, March 10 - Sunday, March 17 - MARCH BREAK: NO CLASSES
(with the exception of exam coaching for Intermediate Foundation to Advanced II candidates)

Friday, April 19 - Monday, April 22 - Easter Weekend: NO CLASSES
(Exception: Sat. April 20* - Rehearsal on Saturday TBA both sites' studios.)

'Invitation to the Dance’ - Year End Performances
Final Performances: Both Junior and Senior school year end performances and dress rehearsals will take
place during the
week of Saturday, May 18 through to May 30 inclusive.
Please note: ODCS does NOT close long weekend except Holiday Monday when centres are closed, as
we will be in preparation for these events.
Dress rehearsals and performances will be held in the theatre of Ecole secondaire publique De

* Saturday May 25, 2018 ‐ Pre-school /Pre‐Ballet/: ODCS_De LaSalle Open House

Saturday, June 8
Dress rehearsal Day (in Theatre): Senior and Junior schools including Ottawa South/Greenboro site
Location: École secondaire publique De La Salle Theatre
exact schedule TBA

Sunday, June 9
Performance Day: École secondaire publique De La Salle Theatre.
Watch for specifics!

* Tentative