ODCS offers General School programs from Pre-Ballet to Grade 5 RAD*, Adult Ballet, Jazz, Hip Hop, Tap, B-Boyz, Acrobatic Dance and Creative/Modern and more.

Fall/Winter 2017/18 Courses
Fall/Winter 2017/18 Calendar

Fall/Winter 2017/18 Formal Registration:

Now ongoing by phone or by mail to
ODCS, 172 Guiges St., Ottawa, ON, K1N 5H9

Final payments/balance due at Formal Registration Days:
Ottawa Central Formal Registration

Fees - 2018
Class/Length Half Year (semester) Academic year (Sept. to June 1)
45 min.
(Pre-school, pre-ballet
Tiny Tappers, Primary)
$195 $390
1 hour class $255 $510
1.25 hr.class $320 $640
1.5 hr. class $380 $760

Multiple class students receive a 5% discount on each subsequent class.
Family discounts: a 10% Family discount applies.
Scholarship programs: ODCS offers a number of scholarship Preparatory Training Programs (Intensive Study and Intensive Enrichment). If accepted, students fees are reduced further.

A once-a-year administration fee (non refundable) of $30.00 is required at registration.

Examination fees: Royal Academy of Dance examination fees are paid separately. Further information is available at www.radcanada.org.

TAX CREDITS: Tuition fees are tax deductible for students min. age 16 years enrolled in Intensive Training programs. Up to $500 may be claimed under the

Child Arts credit is available for those students under 16 years of age.

ODCS has a not-for-profit mandate and is a registered educational institution. Students attaining either the Gr.8 RAD or Intermediate RAD certification may apply for high school credit in ON.

Ottawa South Formal Registration
Gloucester Presbyterian
Church Hall
Saturday Sept. 9 - 9:30AM to noon
Classes begin September 12

First come first served; spaces are limited!
Register ASAP!

How to Register (in person):
1. Check Formal Registration dates/times/locations to plan your visit.
2. Print out and fill in the Application Form and mail it to the address below with the $130 deposit (which includes a non-refundable $30 registration fee).
3. Balance of fees will be determined and due at your in-person visit. Fees are payable in cash or by check/money order, made out to ODCS (Ottawa Dance Centre Schools.

Documents & Forms (PDF)
Application Form
Course/Registration Info
2017/18 Calendar

Registration will be ongoing once classes commence.

ODCS Vocational and Intensive programs
Please register at the ODCS/central location office on one of the Formal Registration Days (see above), or follow the Registration info online.

REMINDER: Ballet students Grade 1 and up who wish to be eligible for RAD examinations MUST register for at least two classes per week, Grade Awards 6 - 8, Intermediate Foundation to Advanced - minimum three to four classes per week.


See ‘Policies: Fees’ for payment schedule details. Contact odcs@ottawadancecentre.ca for more info if required.

Fall 2017/2018 COURSES
(see also Fall schedules)
(courses & application form)

Preschool/Junior 1
1. Pre-school Creative: (RAD “Dance to your own Tune”)
2. Pre-Ballet /Pre-primary Creative
3. Primary 1-2 ballet RAD
4. Tiny Tappers - Greenboro Ottawa South location ONLY

Junior 2 School
1. Classical Ballet RAD - Grades 1-5
2. Jr. Jazz - (Ottawa Central) Teen Jazz/Hip Hop 1 - (Greenboro/Ottawa South)
Intermediate Broadway Jazz (Ottawa Central ONLY)
3. Beg. Modern Contemporary (Ottawa Central)
4. Tap  (Greenboro/Ottawa South)

Intermediate School
1. Classical Ballet - Grades 6-7 / Intermediate Foundation - RAD
2. Modern/Contemporary technique (Ottawa Central ONLY)
3. Jazz - Teen Jazz Intermediate
4. Broadway Jazz (Ottawa Central ONLY)

Senior School
1. Classical Ballet - Intermediate to Adv. 2 RAD
& prep. Solo Seal
2. Modern/Contemporary technique
3. Contemporary /choreography
(Adv. - by audition)
4. Inter/Adv. Jazz / Lyrical
5. Broadway Jazz - Adv.

Adult Studies
(Ottawa Central ONLY)
1. Classical Ballet - Beginner/Elementary
2. Classical Ballet - Intermediate
3. Contemporary Dance - Elementary, & Inter/Adv levels

**Intensive Course of Study
The Intensive Study Program at Ottawa Dance Centre Schools was introduced in 1978. Since its inception, the Program has seen graduates accepted into all the major professional training programs of Canadian dance companies and dance departments of universities both in Canada and abroad.  Many graduates continue to dance, teach and choreograph professionally, while others have achieved in professions as diverse as medicine, law, commerce and psychology.  The ODCS Intensive Study Program provides a sound dance education as well as establishing life skills of self-discipline, self-confidence, personal creativity and the desire to achieve.  The faculty at ODCS, regularly participates in professional development upgrades, keeping abreast of international developments in all aspects of Dance Education and continuing a tradition of excellence.

Structure:  The Intensive Study Program is a scholarship course of study whereby promising and committed students participate in weekly classes in Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) classical Ballet and enrichment courses at a substantially reduced fee. The Program is by audition/acceptance ONLY.  Students will cover the requirements for the RAD graded syllabus (Grades 6, 7 and 8) and the Vocational Syllabus (Intermediate Foundation to Advanced II).  Both syllabi will be taught concurrently, although entry for the Vocational examinations will depend on a strong Classical technique with Pointe work mandatory.  It should be noted that the Vocational Syllabus exams are strictly on Classical Ballet Technique, whereas the graded awards exams include Character and Free Movement with NO Pointe requirements. We suggest that applicants and parents refer to the RAD website for detailed information regarding standards and curriculum.

As well as the core subjects above, students will be required to register in one Modern Dance/Composition class per week at ODCS.  This important area of study lays the foundation for university entrance, advanced contemporary dance idioms and the Free Movement component of the graded awards examinations and is essential for any serious student of dance.  Also included in the curriculum is a choice of other additional options in the ODCS course of study, at a discounted rate.

Intensive Enrichment Program of Study: 

Entry into this program is BY AUDITION ONLY. Intensive Enrichment is focused on preparing Intermediate to Advanced Classical Ballet students for entry to professional Ballet Training Schools such as the Royal Winnipeg Ballet, National Ballet School and École Supérieure De Ballet Du Québec. Physical requirements are stringent, as well as level of technical accomplishment. Classes up to five days per week, and will include core subjects: Ballet, Modern, Pilates & optional Jazz.

Tuition:  Tuition is based on a flat fee per year, at a scholarship rate appropriate to the level of study and number of classes taken. Core subjects must therefore be taken. Fees may be paid in three installments: 45% is due at registration, the remainder payable by post-dated cheques, for 30% dated November 15th and the final 25% dated February 1st.  Please refer to the Policies page for details on tuition fee policy.
** E-Transfers are now accepted; contact office for details.

ALL students embarking on RAD examinations at this level MUST be enrolled in minimum of THREE ODCS RAD-based classes per week (Grades 6 - 8, Intermediate Foundation), and FOUR classes per week from Intermediate to Advanced levels to attain technical standards.

NOTE:    Those students wishing a more flexible course option should consider registering as a General School student in the Vocational levels.

(08/25/2017 Subject to minor changes – Please print and keep for reference throughout the year)

Fall/Winter School Formal Registration:

ODCS Vocational and Intensive programs
Please register at the ODCS/Routhier C.C. office at 172 Guiges St., 2nd floor, or follow the Registration info online.        
See ‘ODCS 2017-18 Vocational Fees’ above for payment details.

REMINDER: Ballet students Grade 1 and up who wish to be eligible for RAD examinations MUST register for at least two classes per week, Grade Awards 6 - 8, Intermediate Foundation to Advanced - minimum three to four classes per week.
Saturday, September 9, 2017‐ Classes commence at Ottawa Central.
Tuesday, September 12 - Classes commence at Greenboro/Ottawa South.
September ‐ check Ballet Jorgen's website (www.balletjorgen.ca) for details on "Nutcracker" auditions!
September 20 - Deadline for entry for Fall session for Intermediate Foundation to Advanced II vocational exams.
October - Auditions for National Ballet School -Watch for notices.
Saturday, October 8 - Monday October 10 inclusive - (Thanksgiving weekend): NO CLASSES
November 15 - Second fee payment (30% of total annual fee) due for students taking three or more classes per
week. A late fee of $30 will apply after this date. Students with outstanding fees may be dismissed from classes.
Accounts must be in good standing in order to participate in the Holiday recital.
November 10 - December 13 - R.A.D. Vocational Exams (Intermediate Foundation/Advanced)
November 20EXAM ENTRY DEADLINE For February RAD Graded exams: Primary to Grade 8 Award, including
Intermediate Foundation & Intermediate.
All entries must include examination fee.
Saturday, December 9 - December 15 - 'Open House Week' at Greenboro.
Saturday, Dec.16 - Open House, Mini‐Performance & Holiday Bake/Craft Sale at Routhier gymnasium from
2:00 - 4:00pm. Note: Timetable will NOT be as usual on this day - specifics TBA.
December 20 - January 6 inclusive – HOLIDAY BREAK - NO CLASSES
Classes resume on January 8, 2018 at Routhier and at Greenboro.

January 20, 2018 - EXAM ENTRY DEADLINE (Intermediate Foundation - Advanced II)
For March session: Intermediate Foundation to Advanced II Vocational exams. All entries must include examination
fee. REMINDER: Advanced 1 & 2 must renew RAD membership.
February 1 - Final payment is due on ALL student accounts, no exceptions.
A late fee of $30 will apply after this date.

Students with outstanding fees may be dismissed from classes. Accounts must be fully paid up in order to participate in any RAD exams (please refer to ‘Policies: Fees’ for more details).
February 19 (Family Day) - All centres will be closed. NO CLASSES
February 24 - March 4 - RAD Grades Exams (Primary - Gr.8/Intermediate)
Mark your calendar now! (specific days TBA)
Sunday, March 11 - Sunday, March 18 - MARCH BREAK: NO CLASSES (with the exception of exam coaching for
Intermediate Foundation to Advanced II candidates)
Friday, March 30 - Monday, April 2 inclusive - Easter Weekend: NO CLASSES (Exception:* Rehearsal on Saturday TBA - Routhier studios for Grade 5 to Advanced)
April 8 - April 30 - RAD Vocational Exams: Intermediate Foundation to Advanced II
Saturday, May 12 - Pre‐Ballet/Pre‐Primary: Routhier Open House at Routhier C.C.
Saturday May 19 - May 30 - ‘Invitation to the Dance’ Year End Performances
Both Junior and Senior school year end performances and dress rehearsals will take place during the
week of Saturday May 19 through to May 30 inclusive. Please note: ODCS does NOT close long weekend
except Holiday Monday when centres are closed, as we will be in preparation for these events.
Dress rehearsals and performances will be held at the Kailish Mital Theatre at Carleton University
campus. Specific dates and times TBA January 2018.
*Saturday, May 19 - Pre‐Ballet/Primary I: Greenboro Open House