Grade 3 + 4 Ballet

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Ages 7-12

This class is a combination of our Grade 3 Ballet and Grade 4 Ballet levels.

Grade 3 Ballet

Building upon the foundation laid in earlier grades and introducing more advanced techniques and choreographic elements, in this level, dancers further refine their technical skills, musicality, and expressiveness while engaging in a more challenging and comprehensive ballet curriculum.

Grade 4 Ballet

Young dancers experience a continued elevation in their ballet training, building upon the skills acquired in previous grades and introducing more sophisticated techniques and choreography.


$400 per semester

ODCS’ academic year runs for 36 weeks. Adult classes run for 32 weeks. The academic year covers two semesters.

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  • Grade 3 + 4 Ballet 7-12 Years · Room 350 / RL
    7:00 PM - 8:00 PM
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