Recreational Classes

Our Recreational Classes are for students aged 4-12, and adults aged 18+, who wish to experience quality dance training without the commitment of an intensive program.

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Lower School

Our Lower School program is for children aged 4-12. It offers the experiences of high-quality dance training without the commitment of an intensive training program. We offer classes for all ages and abilities in a number of dance styles. The ballet grades listed below do not reflect school grades as they are based on demonstration of the fundamentals of classical ballet technique. At age 12, students can be considered for acceptance onto our Ballet Intensive Program through assessment. The schedule is subject to minor changes. Classes with insufficient registrations may be cancelled or students may be moved to another class.


Age 4

A gentle introduction to ballet for the littlest of dancers. Pre-Ballet is centred around learning through play and movement activities. Children learn to move to music and are introduced to basic ballet vocabulary.

Pre-Primary Ballet

Ages 5-6

A pre-cursor class to Primary Ballet, Pre-Primary begins to solidify the vocabulary learnt in Pre-Ballet while encouraging the development of correct ballet posture through imagery. Children will remain in this class until basic ballet vocabulary is demonstrated.

Primary Ballet

Ages 6-7

Reinforced by the Royal Academy of Dance’s (RAD) Primary Ballet syllabus, this class begins to translate vocabulary learnt in Pre-Primary into set classical ballet exercises. Through assessment, students will be considered for RAD examination at this level. Children will remain in this class until clear demonstration of the Primary Ballet exercises is achieved.

Graded Ballet Classes

Children will remain in each graded class until ODCS faculty recommend a higher grade. Students may have the opportunity to take their Royal Academy of Dance exams at each level if recommended by faculty.

Grade 1 Ballet

Ages 7-12

A foundational level in the RAD syllabus, specifically designed for young dancers who are beginning their formal ballet training.

Grade 2 Ballet

Ages 7-12

A continuation of the foundational training provided in Grade 1, offering young dancers a progressive and structured approach to classical ballet education. Building on the fundamentals established in the earlier grade, Grade 2 RAD introduces more intricate movements, technical challenges, and an expanded vocabulary of steps.

Grade 3 Ballet

Ages 7-12

Building upon the foundation laid in earlier grades and introducing more advanced techniques and choreographic elements, in this level, dancers further refine their technical skills, musicality, and expressiveness while engaging in a more challenging and comprehensive ballet curriculum.

Grade 4 Ballet

Ages 7-12

Young dancers experience a continued elevation in their ballet training, building upon the skills acquired in previous grades and introducing more sophisticated techniques and choreography.

Grade 5 Ballet (Recreational)

Ages 7-12

Dancers enter a more advanced stage of their ballet training, marked by increased technical complexity, artistic refinement, and a deeper understanding of ballet principles. Recreational dancers at this level must take all Grade 5 classes available. If dancers wish to begin an intensive training program, they must apply for Level 1 of the Ballet Intensive Program which begins at the Grade 5 level.

Jazz, Lyrical, and Contemporary

Junior Jazz

Ages 7-10

An engaging and accessible introduction to the dynamic and expressive world of jazz movement for individuals who are new to dance or exploring a new dance style. This class is designed to provide a solid foundation in basic jazz techniques while creating a welcoming and supportive environment for young dancers.

Elementary Jazz

Ages 11-17

A vibrant and engaging introduction to the dynamic world of jazz movement for young dancers. Students embark on a journey of exploration, learning the basic elements of jazz dance in a fun and energetic setting.

Intermediate/Advanced Jazz

Ages 14-17

An exhilarating and challenging experience tailored for seasoned dancers who possess a strong foundation in jazz technique; focusing on complex combinations and choreography that challenge dancers both technically and artistically.


Ages 11-17

Lyrical dance is characterized by its emphasis on conveying emotion, storytelling, and interpreting the lyrics and mood of a song through movement. The class typically caters to dancers with a background in ballet or jazz, as it builds upon the technical foundation of these styles while encouraging individual expression.

Elementary Contemporary

Ages 12-17

Designed for beginners who are exploring the foundations of contemporary dance. This class serves as an introduction to the genre, incorporating fundamental movement principles, basic techniques, and creative expression. Dancers explore concepts such as weight shifts, level changes, and the use of breath in movement.

Intermediate Contemporary

Ages 12-17

This class provides a balance between foundational techniques and the exploration of expressive movement. Tailored for dancers with some prior experience in various dance forms, this class aims to build on fundamental skills while introducing more complex movements and choreographic concepts.

Advanced Contemporary

Ages 14-17

Tailored for experienced dancers with a strong foundation in various dance techniques, this class explores the fusion of classical and modern dance elements. It delves into the fluidity of movement, emotional expression, and the integration of unique contemporary styles such as the Graham, Horton, Cunningham techniques.

Cross-Training and Workshops

Student Strength & Cardio

Ages 12-17

A dynamic and energizing workout designed to enhance both cardiovascular endurance and muscular strength, specifically tailored for dancers. This comprehensive class incorporates a combination of aerobic exercises and targeted strength training routines to improve overall fitness and stamina, essential for sustaining the physical demands of dance.

Progressing Ballet Technique (PBT)

Ages 12-17

Progressing Ballet Technique (PBT) stands as an innovative regimen for conditioning and strengthening the body, specifically crafted to elevate students’ technique by honing the muscle memory essential in various dance forms. Not only does the program contribute to injury prevention and rehabilitation, but it also heightens athletes’ performance capabilities. This is a mat-based class and requires specific PBT equipment (see uniform).

Repertoire Workshop

Ages 14+, Adult

Open to both students and adults, this weekly workshop allows the participant to learn professional ballet repertoire from classical ballets. Due to the challenge of the choreography, this class is for individuals who are at an intermediate to advanced level of ballet training.

Adult Classes

Adult Beginner Ballet

Ages 18+

A wonderful way for individuals to explore the beauty of ballet, improve physical fitness, and experience the joy of dance in a supportive and non-judgmental setting. Participants are guided through fundamental ballet exercises at the barre, focusing on developing proper posture, turnout, and coordination.

Adult Intermediate/Advanced Ballet

Ages 18+

This class is designed for experienced dancers who have a strong foundation in classical ballet technique. Geared towards individuals with a higher skill level, this class typically focuses on refining and mastering intricate movements and more advanced combinations. Dancers can expect a rigorous yet rewarding experience that emphasizes precision, artistry, and physical conditioning.

Adult Contemporary

Ages 18+

Our Adult Contemporary class provides a space for participants to connect with their emotions, build strength and flexibility, and enjoy the artistry of contemporary dance. Movements often involve a blend of controlled and dynamic sequences, encouraging dancers to explore their personal interpretation of the music.

Adult Pilates

Ages 18+

Our Adult Pilates class aims to improve posture, build core strength, enhance flexibility, and promote overall muscular balance. Participants can expect a combination of breathing techniques, low-impact movements, and targeted exercises designed to strengthen the body’s core muscles. Pilates is suitable for individuals of various fitness levels.

Adult Jazz

Ages 18+

A fun and engaging way for adults to stay active, express themselves through movement, and enjoy the rhythmic and dynamic style of jazz dance. Participants can expect a warm-up, stretching, across-the-floor exercises, and choreography set to upbeat and lively music.

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