Strokes of Grace

In this enchanting recital, our aspiring dancers channelled the spirits of renowned paintings and sculptures, breathing life into the canvas’ with every graceful leap and delicate twirl. From the ethereal elegance of Degas’ ballerinas to the vibrant vitality of Monet’s waterlilies, each performance paid a homage to the creative brilliance that spans centuries.

“Step into a world where every pirouette is a brushstroke, and each arabesque is a masterpiece in motion. At the heart of the prestigious Ottawa Dance Centre School lies an annual spectacle that transcends the boundaries of dance and art. “Strokes of Grace” invites you to witness a mesmerizing fusion of movement and canvas, where the elegance of dance intertwines with the essence of timeless artworks”.

We are so incredibly proud of everything our students have achieved this year. Our performance weekend offered the perfect celebration of their hard work.